Death benefits & Proof of death & Death certificate

Documents to be filled out and applications to be submitted following a death.

Death benefits

When someone dies, it is important to verify with the relevant agencies to see what death benefits the person's heirs are entitled to.

Régie des rentes (pension board)

Following a death, the heirs receive a single payment from the Régie des rentes du Québec (depending on eligibility).


If the deceased took out a life insurance policy, the heirs may be entitled to a death benefit.


If the deceased was a veteran, you may also apply for a benefit.

RAAQ (automobile insurance board)

The heirs of an automobile accident victim receive a death benefit.


The heirs may also be entitled to various other benefits:

  • the surviving spouse's pension from the Régie des rentes;
  • benefits from the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (workers' health and safety board);
  • the death benefit from Income Security (social solidarity);
  • compensation for crime victims (IVAC);
  • the hunting accident claim.

Proof of death (funeral director)

One of our directors can help you apply for the death certificate from the Directeur de l'état civil (Registrar of civil status) when required, or fill out the online form to confirm the date of death and begin the estate settlement process.

Death certificate (Registrar of Civil Status)

One of our directors can help you obtain a death certificate from the Registrar of Civil Status, if required, to confirm the date of death and initiate settlement of the estate.

There are three types of certificate:

  • Copy of the act of death: Reproduces all of the information given in the act of death.
  • Certificate: Summarizes the main information given in the act of death (name, sex, date, time, place, etc.).
  • Attestation: Indicates whether the act or an annotation to the act is found in the register.