Mission and history


The Bessette family provides a final resting place for the deceased in the purest respect for tradition and sobriety, and eases the pain of those who are left behind. We strive to meet our customers' expectations with the ultimate humanity, in a family environment.

A success story

The story of Les Residences et les Jardins Funéraires Bessette began when Georges A. Bessette started working in the funeral profession. His experience led him to acquire the Waterloo and Valcourt funeral homes in 1971, after which he was joined in the business by his daughter Lucie and his sons Claude, Robert, and Raymond, all three of whom earned degrees in thanatology.
Those first funeral homes were followed by numerous acquisitions:

  • In 1987, the Bessette family built the Bromont funeral home;
  • In 1988, the family acquired Salon Funéraire Drummond in Granby and Salon Funéraire Victor Rochon in Roxton Pond.

No history of the Bessette family's success would be complete without mentioning the construction of their modern complex, Les Jardins Funéraires Bessette, began in 1992. First, a crematorium and a columbarium were built. Then the complex took shape, set in a cemetery that complies with government environmental standards. Landscaping provided the final touches, and the complex opened its doors in October 1998.

For over 40 years, the Bessette family has been serving families in a way that reflects its fundamental values and sense of tradition. Compassionate, personal service has paved its way to success in the funeral profession.