Preplanning your funeral

The importance of preplanning your funeral

By preplanning your funeral, you spare your loved ones this heavy burden after you’re gone. You make organizing your funeral much easier and ensure that your final wishes will be respected. The best time to plan your funeral is now, while there is no urgency and no one is overcome with emotion.

The team at Les Résidences et les jardins funéraires Bessette take a special approach to funeral planning, guiding you through the process as compassionately as possible. Anyone can preplan their funeral, regardless of age or circumstances.

did you know :

Under Bill 162, anyone selling funeral pre-arrangement plans must deposit in a trust fund 90% of all fees for goods and services that will not be delivered until the time of death. This money cannot be withdrawn unless one of the following occurs:
  • the beneficiary dies;
  • the goods or services are delivered;
  • the buyer cancels the contract.