The Bessette family offers comfort when you need it most. We will support you through your time of mourning and do everything possible to ensure that all formalities are taken care of.

The steps we take to support you through your time of mourning include:

  1. We will gather the information needed to fill out the declaration of death;
  2. We will tell you about the different types of funeral services available so you are well informed and can make a considered decision;
  3. We will contact the parish to make reservations for the funeral - or a religious ceremony can be held in our chapel;
  4. We will prepare the funeral announcement and send it to the newspapers;
  5. We will explain the customs regarding flowers (casket spray, urn arrangement, etc.);
  6. We will tell you how to arrange for catering service in our reception room;
  7. We will notify : 
    • the Régie des rentes (surviving spouse and death benefit);
    • the registrar of civil status; 
    • Income Security; 
    • various other organizations (RAAQ, IVAC, veterans, etc.).
  8. We will take the necessary measures for placement in the selected mausoleum, columbarium, or burial in a chosen cemetery.

Your role

However overwhelming your grief, you should settle the estate of a family member within a reasonable time. You may find it helpful to have some advance knowledge about the various procedures accompanying death. Remember, we are there to support and guide you every step of the way.

useful information :

  1. If the person dies at home, the attending physician must declare the death and fill out the death certificate. Once this form is completed, you may get in touch with us. We will make the appropriate arrangements to transfer your loved one.
  2. If the person dies in a hospital, retirement home, or institution, notify the establishment that you want to entrust your loved one to Les Résidences et les Jardins Funéraires Bessette. Then get in touch with us. We will contact the establishment to make arrangements for transferring the deceased.
  3. Bring us the deceased's personal effects (clothing, jewelry, etc.). If available, we will also need certain relevant documents (birth certificate, social insurance card, health insurance card, and two photos) to complete the legal formalities.