Planning your funeral arrangements will relieve your loved ones from having to face this responsibility later on. You will also be able to express your last wishes. The best time to plan your funeral is when it is not urgent and you are not under emotional stress. There is no age for prearranging a funeral. The best time is when you feel like doing so.

Advantages of Prearranging

You will save your family from having to make tough decisions.

At the time of passing, the family is usually overwhelmed with grief while having to deal with all that needs to be done. Your prearrangements will spare your loved ones from having to organize everything in such difficult times. When combined with a will, prearrangements become part of a healthy plan for succession. We also encourage you to discuss your last wishes with family so that they are already aware of them.


Making prearrangements saves money, since prices go up over time due to inflation. The sooner you take action, the more you save. Ultimately, your family will appreciate the reduced financial burden on the succession since the main expenses will have already been paid.

Your Last Wishes Will Be Respected

Planning your own funeral arrangements in advance will give you the time to think about what you really want. It is a way to make sure that your requests are respected.


You may modify your contract during your lifetime if your desires or your situation change.


The amount paid for your prearrangements does not belong to the funeral home. The money will be safely deposited into a trust account within 45 days, in accordance with the law. This money cannot be withdrawn unless one of the following occurs:
  • Death of the beneficiary
  • Goods or services rendered
  • Modification or termination of the contract

Make Prearrangements

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