Body visitation


We offer many options to meet the needs of each family and ensure that the funeral service reflects the image of the deceased. Our team will inform you of the possibilities and accompany you in your choices. In fact, you may consult the following document that summarizes the options available to you.

Various types of final rest sites are available at the Résidences et Jardins Funéraires Bessette. You can select a burial plot, a niche in an indoor or outdoor columbarium or a crypt in our mausoleum.

Mortuary Care

Thanatopraxy, better known as embalming, is mandatory by law if the family wishes to spend grieving time with the body, whether the casket is open or closed. This process is done with great respect by an embalmer who holds a valid license issued by the Department of Health and Social Services.

We will ask you for a recent photo to ensure that the deceased is accurately displayed. You will also be asked to provide clothing as well as jewelry, if you wish.

Easing the Grieving Process

All those involved in mourning agree that the final goodbyes to a loved one, embalmed in such a way that all marks of suffering and disease are erased, allow for a more serene acknowledgement of the reality of the death.

Our several years of experience have led us to recommend visitation with the body, even when followed by cremation. You may undergo this step either in the privacy of your immediate family or in the presence of extended family and friends, there to support and comfort you.

Traditional Burial

Burial of the casket in a cemetery is still a tradition chosen by many. Some families prefer to gather around a plot and observe the traditional burial ceremony. We offer a peaceful cemetery on our vast property. You will be able to choose a location among 4 different sites:

  • Le Jardin des colombes (Dove Garden)
  • Le Chemin de la croix (Stations of the Cross)
  • A designated plot
  • A non-designated plot

The burial of the casket will be done in the presence of the family and a member of our team who will be there to offer prayers or an inspirational reading, according to your wishes.

Final Rest in the Mausoleum

Although less well known, once discovered, the mausoleum where the deceased rests in a crypt is a much-appreciated option. The beauty and serenity of our mausoleum allows for quiet devotion in a calm and sober environment. Ask our staff for more information about this option.