Cremation Service

Cremation On Site

Cremation is a process of disposition of the body by fire using a specialized crematory furnace fueled by natural gas and meeting current environmental standards. Cremation is performed by a certified operator.

Preparation of Ashes

The preparation of the ashes is the second step of the cremation process during which the operator ensures that all metallic pieces (e.g. prosthetics) are removed with a magnet specially designed for this use. Bone material is then collected and processed by means of specialized equipment before being put into the pre-selected urn and into reliquaries, if applicable. Each urn, reliquary or piece of jewelry is identified with a unique number assigned to the deceased.

Disposition of Ashes

There are several options for the disposition of your loved one’s ashes. The urn may be buried in our cemetery or in a cemetery of your choice, or displayed in our indoor or outdoor columbarium.

Indoor and Outdoor Columbarium

We offer two different columbarium options. One columbarium is adjacent to the foyer in the complex and the other is located in the mausoleum near the main building. In the latter, it is possible to acquire a niche visible from inside as well as from outside. Depending on the location chosen and the size of the niche, the columbarium option is available for all budgets.

Our beautiful indoor columbarium contains glass-protected niches. The urn may be displayed with photos of the deceased as well as small items dear to his or her heart. Family and friends will then be able to pay their respects duringopening hours..

The outdoor columbarium consists of niches covered with a granite plaque engraved with the name of the deceased. Just as in a cemetery, it allows for quiet visiting time while ensuring optimal protection for the urns.

Burial of Ashes in the Cemetery

For the burial of ashes, you may choose between 4 different sites on our vast property, where we offer a peaceful cemetery (you may also opt for the cemetery of your choice):

  • Le Jardin des colombes (Dove Garden)
  • Le Chemin de la croix (Stations of the Cross)
  • A designated plot
  • A non-designated plot