A Team to Support and Guide You

Our team is made of professionals who respect our values. Our enterprise as well as its directors are members of the Corporation des Thanatologues du Québec (CTQ).

The Bessette family greatly values the respect of traditions and simplicity while being intent on soothing the grief of those who lost a loved one. We wish to satisfy the expectations of our clientele with humanity in a family environment.

Raymond Bessette
Thanatologist, Thanatopractor, Co-owner

Raymond has over 45 years of experience in the funeral industry. At the start of his career in the field, he combined paramedic and funeral service work for many years. In 2017, he involved his children in the acquisition of the business in order to perpetuate the family tradition. Being semi-retired, Raymond acts as a guide and is a pillar of the enterprise.

Émilie Bessette
Executive Director, Co-owner

Trained as a specialized educator, Émilie is known for her zest for life and her humane approach. Her strong desire to care for others and her innate business flair make her the perfect executive director for our funeral home. She continues her training in administration while brilliantly managing both the enterprise and her young family. Under all circumstances, she knows how to rally the troops and bring out the best in everyone.

Sophie Bessette
Director of Operations, Co-owner

Trained as a nurse and mother of 3 children, Sophie was destined to fulfill her mandate with undoubtable talent. A warm and genuine person, she reaches out with compassion and gentleness to families that she cares for as if they were her own. Very organized and full of creative ideas, Sophie ensures the constant growth and improvement of the enterprise.

Sandra Théberge
Logistics Director, Thanatopractor, Funeral Counsellor

Sandra is an active and energetic woman who has been passionate about the funeral industry since she was 10 years old! Not only did she obtain a Quebec College Diploma (QCD) in thanatology, being always eager to deepen her knowledge, she also holds a QCD in nursing care and is a first responder. Families are in good hands thanks to her empathetic listening skills, her gentleness and her true desire to help, which allow them to trust her.

Patrick Bessette
Director of Maintenance, Co-owner

Patrick has always had a natural aptitude for manual work. In fact, he has worked as a bricklayer in the construction industry. He is therefore in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of our 4 sites. Patrick thrives when he works on a project and his expertise makes him want to constantly improve our different parlors in which innovation never stops.

Éric Bessette
Thanatopractor, Funeral Counsellor

Éric grew up in the funeral home environment by closely following his father, Claude, filling various positions in the company until he formalized his training with great success. His big heart and ability to listen highlight him as a supporting and reassuring professional who cares above all for the bereaved families and their needs. His sense of humour and his innate positive spirit make him a very pleasant person to be around.

Alex Lapointe
Thanatopractor, Funeral Counsellor

Originally from Pohénégamook, but having spent a good part of his life in a big city, Alex felt the urge to establish his new family in our region to the pleasure of all the people he meets. His reassuring calm, his simplicity, and his well-placed sense of humor makes him a good funeral counselor and colleague.

Linda Croteau
Accounting Clerk

Linda contributes her great experience on the professional level as much as on the human level. She is often THE reference for our team members, just as a mother would be. She is generous, reliable, hard-working and above all, bilingual! This last quality has saved her colleagues more than once!

Marie-Soleil Robert Auger
Administrative Assistant

Marie-Soleil truly lives up to her name. She is a ray of sunshine that will welcome you with all her heart as soon as you enter the hall. With a well-rounded customer service background and studies in accounting, she shares her great ideas and enthusiasm with the team on a daily basis.

We are also privileged to count around ten part-time employees working in our transportation, greeting and pallbearing services as part of the great team of the Résidences et Jardins Funéraires Bessette.