Products for the cremation

Products for the cremation

Whether or not there is visitation of the body prior to cremation, ashes may be buried in the cemetery, displayed in the columbarium or given back to the family.

Choosing an Urn

The urn can be chosen to last or it may be biodegradable. We offer dozens of options that will suit your tastes and your budget.

Reliquaries and Keepsakes

Reliquaries are increasingly popular as they allow family and friends to keep a material memento. We offer different types of items suitable for every taste. You may, for example, have the fingerprint of the loved one engraved on a metallic jewel. Or you may keep some ashes in a beautiful piece of jewelry made of borosilicate glass. Our team will be able to show you the vast array of possibilities from our selection room.

Choose your own casket when making your prearrangements.