Personalized Ceremonies

Our ceremonies celebrate the deceased, his or her life and the great moments that marked it. Therefore, it is essential that this celebration reflect who the person was and what their last wishes were. We will accompany you in preparing this event, whether it be lay or religious.

We have a beautiful chapel in the Granby complex that can welcome over 125 people. For a personalized lay ceremony, the people closest to the deceased will meet with an officiant who will converse with them to get to know them better and hear their stories and testimonials about the deceased. The officiant will then be able to prepare a moving ceremony in tribute to the life of their loved one. In the case of a religious ceremony, it may be held in our chapel or at a church of your choice. For the latter option, transportation will be organized including an official procession and details will be arranged between our service and the parish.

Streaming of Ceremonies

Since the beginning of the year 2020, all ceremonies conducted in our chapel are webcast live and recorded, both privately or publicly. The family can keep the ceremony recording on a beautiful USB key engraved with the name of the deceased.


Private or Public Streaming

The family will decide if they want to share the streaming with the public. If so, the link for the ceremony will be given in the obituary. If a private ceremony is chosen, the link for the webcast will also be given in the obituary, but users will need a password that will be provided to a member of the family who will then share it with selected people.

Live or Recorded Streaming

This service is greatly appreciated by people who are unable to physically attend the ceremony. They can experience the last goodbye as if they were there, either in real time or at their convenience. The link will be available for 90 days.


At our Granby, Bromont and Waterloo facilities, you will have access to a reception room so that you can gather with friends and family after the ceremony and share a light meal prepared by our caterer or one of your choice.